Noh terminology dictionary


Name Nori, Issei, Sashi, Age Ka ... This is a word that you will come across when you see Noh several times and become interested in it when you put it in when reading a simple Noh songbook of the performance. The words may have no meaning to Noh beginners. If you read a songbook about Noh, not just a chant, you will encounter many of these "terminological terms" that you will encounter in various situations. Therefore, we have prepared a glossary of Noh terms for each category so that you will not be disappointed.

Current total number of terms: 76




It is tubular container for storing Nohkan (Noh flute). On the stage, it is the same as the performer’s right hip. After molding Japanese paper on a wooden mold or silk, the outside is painted with lacquer and hardened. Many of them have high artistic value with beautiful lacquer work. Attach a braid to the middle of the cylinder and attach a braid. There is also a Noh style that ties this cord around a hakama string to prepare for the braid. Some have holes in the bottom of the cylinder and are fitted with beautiful metal fittings.