The tips to enjoy Noh effectively

How to enjoy Noh Theatre- 5 Practical Tips

How to enjoy Noh Theatre- 5 Practical Tips

In fact, there are no particular rules or methods for watching Noh. Audience members can simply enjoy the atmosphere of the Noh stage, the expressive masks and beautiful costumes, the impressive music and chanting, and more. First, simply watch and enjoy. But, to better enjoy Noh, this article introduces to audience members 5 tips on how to enjoy a Noh play better.

1. Reading or hearing story synopsis before watching performances

Noh uses a lot of old, not modern Japanese, so sometimes it is hard for customers to understand rapidly. Noh performance is freedom for the customer to imagine the following story and performer’s action. So, before watching Noh performance, customers should read and understand what the story will be performed. Customers haven’t remembered the word in the story but at least let’s understand the gist of the story. It is a way to make customers have an enjoyable experience. Customers can find plot summaries by searching play names on the internet. Additionally. Some performances may offer summaries as part of the performance information or distribute written summaries to customers.

2. Take note of the way that the expressions on Noh masks change based on the angle of the performers head or the orientation of their body. Moreover, you also should take note of Noh costumes.

Noh Mask is special to discover. When Shite changes the angle of the face, expressions will also be changed. Therefore, most customers always take note of the Noh mask and beautiful Noh costumes.

3. Allow yourself to focus on the hayashi music and utai chanting.

With the sonority, customers will feel the atmosphere of performances. All of Noh’s performances are a story, conversation with God, Spirit of Ghost, etc.

4. For first- time customers, let’s seat facing the front of the stage is recommended.

In the front of the stage is a good place to view a lot of.

5. Focus to perform action and image a lot. It is a way to keep customers away from being sleepy.

If you feel sleepy, have no choice but to nod off a bit as you take in the atmosphere of the performance is, in a sense, another way to enjoy Noh.


Above are 5 tips to customers to enjoy Noh. There are a lot of ways to enjoy Noh, customers can take the freedom and enjoy it yourself.