Noh terminology dictionary


Kan’ami / Kan’ami

1333 (Genko 3) – 1384 (Shitoku 1). He is a Noh actor and creator of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The name is Kiyotsugu. Kanze is a stage name. He is the first Kanze lord and the founder of Shite in Kanze style school. Along with his child Zeami , he is a great master of Noh and is sometimes called “Noh ancestor”. He lead the Noh actor of “Yuzaki- style”, one of the four Yamato Saraugaku Style   and based on his outstanding musical sense, he created the new sensation of chanting which adds a sense of rhythm of Kuse mai and he had gained immense popularity. According to Zeami ‘s message book , Kan’ami was a big man, but when he played the role of a woman, he seemed to be fine, and he fascinated the audience with his high acting ability. Also highly evaluated as the Noh author, “Jinen Koji- natural Cosi”, “Komachi ”, ” Shino Shoushou (Kayoi Komachi)” are masterpieces.