Noh knowledge for beginners

In fact, that you have prepared for the history and basic knowledge of Noh, but even if you think “Let’s see Noh!”, you don’t know where you are doing or what to look for, don’t it?

QWhere can you watch it?

AThere are Noh theaters and Noh theaters all over Japan, including the National Noh Theater, which is the only national facility, the Yokohama Noh Theater, and the Nagoya Noh Theater, where regular performances are held.

QWhen and what do you watch?

AYou can check the schedule and performances in the “Performance Schedule” that covers information on performances held at Noh theaters nationwide.

QYou are worried about watching the program without knowing the skeleton of the performances …

AOnce you have decided on a performance to go to see, you can enjoy the Noh stage even more if you know the story and highlights in advance. In the “Encyclopedia of Performances”, you can see detailed data such as the synopsis and highlights of each performance, the authority of the performance, and the faces and costumes of the characters.

QCharacters, who are who …

AThere are categories such as “Okina”, “Men”, “Women”, “Onigami”, and “Grief” in Noh mask. It is divided into various types such as “Fukai”, “ wagaona”, “ koomote”, “Omi Onryo”.

QYou are interested in chanting and musical instruments, and want to dig deeper into Noh, such as costumes and Noh mask!

AThere are various events related to Noh and Kyogen nationwide, such as performances with commentary by Noh performers, events where you can experience musical instruments and dances on stage, chanting lectures, and exhibitions of masked costumes. You can check this information in the Event Schedule.